• GreenDrive Quad External Hard DrivesGreenDrive Quad

    The Fantom Drives GreenDrive Quad is the #1 choice for creative professionals who demand reliability, multiple connectivity options and maximum performance.

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  • GForce3 Mini USB 3.0 Mobile Hard DrivesGForce3 Mini

    USB 3.0 and Portability!
    This is what you get with GForce3 Mini. Bring your files with you to work, school, or just about anywhere. Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities.

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  • DataDock II Quad Interface RAID ArrayDataDock II

    Unlike single drive backup, DataDock II employing RAID 1 simultaneously writes your valuable data to two independent hard drives so you have immediate backup as you save. In the event of a drive failure, you still have your data available while you send in the removable failed drive for repair.

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