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Are MicroNet / Fantom Drives devices compatible with my (non-TiVo) DVR?


Can I leave my external data storage device on all the time, or should I turn it off when not in use?


Can I use both ports at the same time, eg esata on my DVR & USB on my computer?


Can you recommend a backup solution?


Does Fantom Drives perform data recovery?


Does Fantom offer firmware updates for xyz drive? If so, where can I find the latest firmware for my Fantom drive(s)?


Does sending the Fantom Drives product to a data recovery firm void the warranty?


Even though I have lots of free space, I get an error saying there is not enough room on the drive when I try to copy a large file. Why is this?


How can I test my disk to make sure it is not defective?


how do I find your phone number?


Our contact information is:

Micronet/Fantom Drives

20525 Manhattan Place
Torrance, CA 90501
Voice: 310-320-7272
Fax: 310-328-0202
Technical Support: www.fantomdrives.com/helpdesk

Author: Francis Hale
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