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What is the rotational rate (RPM) of my MicroNet / Fantom Drives product? Why should I care about this specification?


What is the warranty period for my external data storage device?


What make/model of disk mechanisms do you use in MicroNet/Fantom Drives products?


MicroNet / Fantom Drives uses only the highest quality disk drives from top-tier hard disk manufacturers such as: Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, and Samsung. We carefully vet each model of hard disk we carry to ensure that it meets our rigorous demands for quality and performance. In addition, any disk mechanism we use will meet or exceed the stated specifications for any particular MicroNet or Fantom Drives product.


Where can I find the driver download for my fantom drives external disk?


While installing my hard disk software the NTI Shadow software asks for a serial number, but is not accepting my product serial, why is this?

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