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Can I create volumes larger than 2TB?


Your RAID is capable of creating large logical volumes (LUNS) in excess of 2 Terabytes, with the following caveats:

  1. All Micronet RAID products as of May 2011 support large LUNs (Logical volumes larger then 2TB). Micronet PlatinumRAID Pro supports large LUNs only over eSATA, but attempting to access a large LUNs over the FireWire or USB ports on a PlatinumRAID can result in data loss! 

  2. The host bus adapter and the host Operating System must support large LUNS. Windows 2003, Vista, Mac OS X 10.4.8, and Linux distributions with appropriate kernels all support large LUNS. Windows XP and prior cannot address large LUNS and must use eSATA host bus adapters that have RAID support. MicroNet offers such host bus adapters- consult your MicroNet authorized reseller for more information.


Can I increase my MicroNet device’s volume capacity?


I have a MicroNet RAID. How can I address multiple volumes?


I'm trying to install the PCI-Express eSATA card in my Dell Poweredge 2450 (or other brand of Intel 5000 based server) but the card is not seen by my system.


I’m trying to access my MicroNet RAID using the front panel. When I push enter, it asks me to verify the password. I defined a password, and I enter it, but then the ENT key just moves the cursor over another space and the arrow keys change the characters to use and the ESC take me back to the IP Address screen.


The LCD front panel not responding

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