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How many devices can I have on a single SCSI Chain?


Is my MicroNet SCSI drive compatible with my SCSI host bus adapter?


My SCSI MicroNet is not detected


The drive locks up my computer at startup.


What is A SCSI terminator?



A SCSI terminator is a device that absorbs the computer signals at the end of the SCSI chain so they are not reflected back along the bus. Common termination errors are data corruption, missing devices, intermittent read/write errors, and a variety of other mysterious problems. Terminators are available as active or passive variants. PASSIVE terminators will only absorb signal, preventing the reflection back along the bus but offering no stabilization of signal voltage.
ACTIVE terminators will not only absorb signal at the end of the SCSI bus, they will stabilize, or assist in maintaining adequate voltage along the bus. As the lengths of cable increase, the voltage at each device drops. An active terminator at the end of the bus will help to insure there is adequate voltage along the chain MicroNet includes an Active multimode terminator with every MicroNet SCSI device, which must be plugged in to the second connector of the last SCSI



What’s the longest cable length for my SCSI chain? How many SCSI devices can I have on a SCSI chain? How fast is SCSI (x)?

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