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Can I boot from my MicroNet device?


Can I connect firewire storage along with my firewire capture device?


Please make sure to use a SEPARATE FIREWIRE BUS to attach any FireWire attached Audio Visual capture devices. Daisy chaining such devices can harm your Platinum Storage device or capture device!

Attaching Video Capture Devices

To attach FireWire based Audio Visual Capture Devices; please use an additional 
PCI FireWire Add-In card compatible with your computer and Operating System. 
Examples of capture devices include AJA IO, Canopus ADVC, and BridgeCo Enhanced 
Breakout Box (BeBoB) based devices including the FA-101 from Roland/Edirol.

Special Note for Apple Power Mac G4 and G5 customers

All Apple Power Mac G4 and G5 computers with built-in FireWire 800 ports utilize the 
same bus for all FireWire ports despite having available FireWire 400 and FireWire 
800 connectors. Connecting a Platinum Storage Device and a capture device on these 
computers requires the addition of a PCI based FireWire Host Bus Adapter. For more 
information regarding add-in FireWire Host Bus Adapters, please contact your preferred 


Do Fantom USB 3.0 drives require a direct-to-host connection or can I use my hub?


I'm having trouble seeing my eSATA device


I'm trying to install the PCI-Express eSATA card in my Dell Poweredge 2450 (or other brand of Intel 5000 based server) but the card is not seen by my system.


My USB 3.0 Fantom product works fine with a USB 2.0 Connection but not USB 3.0

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