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Can I boot from my MicroNet device?


Can I connect firewire storage along with my firewire capture device?


Do Fantom USB 3.0 drives require a direct-to-host connection or can I use my hub?


I'm having trouble seeing my eSATA device



eSATA host connections require the SATA host bus to support the following:

Devices capable of multiple volumes such as Megadisk E+U and RAIDBank5 require the host bus support the following features as well:

Some host bus adapters have built-in RAID functionality and must be configured before the disks will appear to the host computer. For these cases, the eSATA controller will have either a BIOS utility or a software RAID configuration utility that will need to be configured prior to use.
Please consult your eSATA host bus adapter documentation for more information.

I'm trying to install the PCI-Express eSATA card in my Dell Poweredge 2450 (or other brand of Intel 5000 based server) but the card is not seen by my system.


My USB 3.0 Fantom product works fine with a USB 2.0 Connection but not USB 3.0

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