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My disk is nowhere near as fast as the speed claimed on the box! What gives?


The marketing materials describing transfer rates refer to the speed of the bus, not the disk itself. The following are the nominal transfer rates of each bus:

  • eSATA (first generation): 150 MB/S
  • eSATA 2: 300 MB/S
  • eSATA 3: 600 MB/S
  • USB 2.0: 480 mbit/S
  • USB 3.0: 5 gbit/S

The bus transfer rates determine the limitation of the bus speed, not how fast your computer, memory, other disk, etc. A single disk mechanism can only reach about ~90MB/S sustained throughput regardless of bus- the nominal bus speed only determines burst rate, which is the initial momentary transfer. All other factors inbetween can only serve to slow down the transfers further. 


My Drive was working fine yesterday but now it’s gone!


My Fantom Drives disk feels hot to the touch. Is that normal?


My MicroNet / Fantom Drives device won’t power up.


The MicroNet device reports disk capacity that is only 93% of the stated size. (i.e., my 1.0 TB hard disk is showing up in Windows as 931 GB) Where is the missing capacity?


What do I do when files are missing or corrupted?


What happens if I have a power failure? Is there anything I have to do to restore my Fantom Drive?


What is a Security Lock Slot for?


What is the power supply that came with my product? Where can I get a replacement?


What is the rating for the power supply for my Fantom Drives disk? Where can I buy a replacement?

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